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Studio3201 has been a silent brand for decades.
It is time to go public.

Unofficially or ideologically voluntarily and definitely for personal reasons Studio3201 has been producing audio and visual media, managing marketing, personal assisting artists and staff members or entrepreneurs, sponsoring events and endeavors of local people in west-African rural areas and fragments of the community of African descent in the Netherlands and more.

This website intends to take it back to professional realms in one or more of the following:

  • I have a historic and present experience in IT as network engineer at well-known corporations like Brunel and ADP Nederland. Many more of those in the role of remote support for their IT department before that.
  • Sound engineering certificates, studio and events, and experience in production of digital music.
  • Graphic Design in various disciplines. Besides 2D I am a so called ‘Blender head’. I love to work in Blender3D, the open-source program making waves.
  • Organizing and production of successful online TV programs and online networks.
  • In-house improvement. Physical work gives me a special feeling of pride.

My main skill is adaption. Fast.

I care.